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Avoid the headache that can often come with other lenders. Choose the service that makes finding financial stability hassle free. So, why should you choose an easy unsecured loan with Moneytree Quick Loan? Many lenders have gotten strict on their rules about applying for a personal loan, with many of them asking for collateral to secure it. For example, they may ask for your car title or other property as a guarantee of payment. What if you don’t have anything of value or don’t want to use it? You need an unsecured financial solution to get you the money you need.

We make obtaining a loan easy with our straight forward online application process

At Moneytree Quick Loan, we don’t ask for any collateral for loans below P10,000. Instead, we look at your serviceability to determine your ability to repay the borrowed amount. Unsecured loans can be convenient for you and faster since you don’t have to find a title or have the value of the item assessed to determine its worth. This makes getting cash much faster and easier.

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To make things even simpler, you can apply for our unsecured personal loans online in just minutes. After sending us your supporting documents, we usually get back to you with in 24 to 48 hours to let you know whether you have been accepted. This means you can organise your funds much sooner without the fuss. If you’re accepted, you get a repayment time of up to 6 months depending on your loan amount and are able to pay either weekly, bi-monthly or monthly. With us, you also get to enjoy fixed interest rates, fast approvals and no early exit fees.

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If you want fast cash without worrying about putting up collateral, apply for one of our loans online. Need more information? Call (+63) 908 896 2036. Our friendly team is always happy to assist and will be able to offer additional information if needed.