Why invest with us

Investors can enjoy an good Return Of Investment (R.O.I.) which is paid at the end of contract at a fixed rate. Percentage rates vary depending on the investment period  (minimum of 3 months to 1 year contract).

FreedomPeak Financial Management raise funds from private/individual investors who receive a fixed percentage income, in return for their investment. Investors will receive a notarized contract and a post dated cheques (PDC) which they can pay into any of their bank.

Our aim is to allow investors the opportunity to participate in the above average returns associated with alternative finance without risk. Many of our borrowers come to us when they can’t get finance from elsewhere. So long as the borrower be able to submit all the requirements and there is a convincing reason why the borrower is in the position they are, we will offer the loan to our investors.


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Peer to peer lending by FreedomPeak
Financial Management Consultancy
matches up people looking to invest
their money with people who want to
borrow it, paying higher interest to
savers and lower rates for borrowers.

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