Our Services

Moneytree Quick Loan provide both unsecured loans and Secured loans ranging from P2,000 up to P10,000. Our unsecured loans are generally provided over terms ranging from one month up to six months, our secured loans are mostly taken over slightly longer terms and can extend to a maximum term of twelve months.

Our unsecured loans are available for those unforeseen emergency purchases and situations which inevitably arise.

Our customers appreciate the simple online application process and the peace of mind that the repayments will be tailored to suit their situation and affordability. Our unsecured loans come in handy in emergency situations such as car repairs and medical bills when the funds are required in a hurry.

Our secured loans are generally a little larger loan than an unsecured and range from P5,000 to P20,000; they are often used for larger purchases or to contribute to occasions which require a large financial commitment.

Our secured loans are generally taken over a longer loan term and they can be approved up to a maximum term of 12 months. As the loan amounts are usually higher the longer term can assist with keeping the repayment amounts at an affordable level. The security required for these loans are posted checks and some document papers need to be provided before the loan can be approved.

To apply for one of our unsecured or secured loans please visit the home page and hit the “Apply Now” button to complete the straight forward application form.

Alternatively please feel free to give us a call on (+63) 908 896 2036 should you have any questions.