Loan Process

This website is owned by FreedomPeak Financial Management Consultancy. All applications completed on this site are sent to MoneyTree Quick Loan for processing.

  • By applying you are giving your consent to the use and disclosure of your personal information as part of assessing your application and then establishing and administering your account. Regardless of when or how the information is collected, your personal information may be shared between, and used by MoneyTree Quick Loan (the Lender), for the primary purpose and for related purposes including
  • consideration of any other application made by you to MoneyTree Quick Loan for financial products or services
  • customer relations including management of our relationship with you and market or customer
  • satisfaction research and product development
  • compliance with payment systems requirements
  • our internal operations including record keeping, risk management, securitisation, credit scoring and portfolio analysis and
  • arrangements with other organisations to provide services in relation to our products and services

The Lender may also disclose your credit information and personal information for those purposes to the following organisations (“Disclosure Parties”):

  • credit reporting agencies
  • its service providers and alliance partners
  • its agents, contractors and external advisers
  • your referees, including your employer
  • your legal and financial advisers
  • government and other regulatory bodies, law enforcement bodies and courts external complaint resolution bodies
  • rating agencies
  • payment system operators and
  • other financial institutions and lenders and brokers

I/We by applying authorise FreedomPeak Financial Management Consultancy to do the above in accordance with the Data Privacy Act of 2012. Further, I/We acknowledge that by applying we agree that this authority is a continuing authority that has effect before, during and after the provision of any credit.